It has been some five years since their debut album, and the Greek band seem to have been through quite a few changes as it appears that only singer Martin Deathwalker and guitarist Thanasis Labrakis are still in the fold. I am guessing that Martin Deathwalker and Theodor Martinis, who was lead singer on the debut, is the same person but have no idea if he changed his name to tie in with the album, or if the album is named as such to tie in with him. Here is band who are bringing together elements of both power metal and progressive metal, so much so that I can envisage them being tagged with either sub-genre. There are times when this comes together really well, and others when it jars. The use of old-fashioned keyboards makes me think at times of classic RPI, but sometimes the guitars just don’t work as they should, with the sounds diverging instead of coming together.

On ‘Angel of the Earth” there is a female co-lead vocalist, and she makes quite a difference. The band seem to be more focussed, as they move more into Dreamwalkers territory, and everything just seems that little bit tighter and even the guitar solo makes sense. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case through the album, as they go up and down in terms of quality (although the production is superb throughout). But, there is promise here and there so let’s see what the next album brings and if they can be stable in the lead up to it.

Rating: 6/10



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