Guitarist Albare and keyboard player/programmer Phil Turcio are back with another album of smooth, melodic, laid-back jazz. It is perfect background music, something which allows the listener to drift away on gentle sounds knowing there is nothing here which is going to cause alarm: no diminished chords or riffs in sight. They have been writing and recording together for more than twenty years, when Phil first became a member of Albare’s band at the tender age of 18. They have an easy relaxed knowledge of each other, so either of them can happily take the lead and the other knows exactly how to follow. There is a cover on the album, a slowed down very smooth and R ‘n’ B take on “Desperado” which is interesting yet has removed much of the emotion which was there on the original.

I think for me that is possibly the issue with the album, it is very smooth, and it is as if the heart and soul of music has gone for a walk and forgotten to return. That it is very clever and that they are masters of their craft is never in doubt, but while I enjoyed the debut this one is just too relaxed and quiet for me.

Rating: 5/10


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