Matteo Armellini’s new EP “Posso passare?” Is out now in all digital stores.

Why this title for this new EP? “Posso passare?” It comes up against the prevailing musical thought of the moment, that is: Is there still space for a musical genre different from the reggaeton? Everything started when Armellini took a walk in the center of his home town, Trento, one evening. He heard cars passing by with high-volume radio and the classic sound of reggaeton music. One, two, three … several cars crossed, and he kept on listening to the same rhythm, first far away, then nearby,then far away again. That evening he did not hear a car with a music genre different from that one, so he asked himself: “Does the rock style still exist? Or has it disappeared?”

What “Posso passare?” points out is: Can we still create rock-style sound or will the new music genres definitively displace it?

Armellini hopes this is just a moment to be soon archived and believes that something will change in the future.

Track list:
1. Karpathos
2. Buon mattino
3. Un altro mondo


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