Progressive rock band Overhaul further explores the theme of romantic loss with their newest single ‘The Entrenched’, released on October 17th. Together with last month’s release ’Saudade’, both tracks are now made available through Freya Records on all streaming platforms as a double single. Included in this release are two ’sonic cesspool’ remixes of the songs.

In the official announcement on the band’s social media channels, vocalist Samuel de Vries stated that his “personal reason to record and release these two singles together is because they form a double-edged sword. ‘The Entrenched’ is the dark side of ‘Saudade’, in the sense that ‘Saudade’ deals with dwelling in memories and enjoying that, like a daydream. But at night these very same memories are not so nice anymore when they turn into demons that haunt you before you fall asleep. These songs belong together—literally like night and day.”

Both tracks are also remixed into what the band calls ’Sonic Cesspool remixes’, that take one or a few musical ideas of a song into another extreme direction, resulting in new electronic compositions that are immersive but never truly at ease. According to the band, these remixes communicate feelings of “lingering anxiety”, which complements the theme of the original tracks.


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