“Cronache dalla zona est” is the first solo album by PAOLO NANNETTI, author and founder of the historic prog-band SITHONIA from Bologna, one of the most important protagonists of the Italian progressive rock renaissance in the 80s, band active until 2012.

After the experience with MESEGLISE (2 albums published by Lizard Records), the thread of a journey that began in the 70s with the spirit of that decade, from songwriting propensities to progressive rock atmospheres, somehow rejoins.

Assisted by Alberto Celommi (electric guitar), Maurizio Lettera (drums and percussion), Maria Robaey (violin), Marco Giovannini (choirs), Paolo Nannetti (vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars, ukukele), made an album intimistic with pastel colors, in which the poetic soul that has always characterized Sithonia, with lightness, memories and today’s awareness is clear.

Samples from the album can be listened to HERE and HERE.

After the experiences with the Sithonia and the Meseglise I felt ever stronger the need not to hide behind anything, throwing in music, words and arrangements, but in first person, with no need whatsoever than to try again the musical taste of my adolescence, but with the experience and the means that today allow to make music also by handcraft way, as in reality I have always done. This is how “Cronache dalla zona est” is born, 8 songs, two instrumental on the same theme (opening and closing) and 5 short passages that reflect some of the themes of the songs. I like to think that in this record I take the thread of the discourse not of Sithonia or Méséglise, but of what I have been from my 16 years remembered in “Diario 74” to today, singing the places of the city and the hills, the streets of outskirts of many years ago, the roofs of the houses in the center, the night streets of the Cirenaica district that turn into theaters of improbable dance approaches, beyond the gaps and boundaries of age, invisible and light. At the end of this journey, he remains an old man who smiles, in the calm and warmth of the evening, certainly it would be so beautiful ….
– Paolo Nannetti

Track list:
1 Prologo
2 Luce Sui Tetti
3 Canzone D’inverno
4 Passaggio 1
5 La Strada Di Un Tempo
6 Passaggio 2
7 A Night In Cirenaica
8 Passaggio 3
9 Diario 74
10 Passaggio 4
11 Nave Dei Pensieri
12 Passaggio 5
13 Il Momento Del Giorno
14 Finale
15 Prologo (tema piano)


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