The Worm Ouroboros proudly presents their new album “Endless Way From You”. The album is a natural follow-up to their first CD “Of Things That Never Were”, which incorporates styles from symphonic prog and Canterbury tradition as well as incorporating elements from the more bleak and sinister zeuhl territories. It’s a whole-range vision of dreams and nightmares, leading you through wordless skies and deserted seashores. Mainly instrumental, featuring intense and complex arrangements with flute, guitar and vintage keyboards. Like on their first album, their new CD features guest musicians from Five-Storey Ensemble.

“Endless Way From You” was released on December 24th through Italian label Lizard records.

Track list:
1. Cycles
2. Clouds to Owings Mills
3. Stone and Lydia
4. Quest of the Kingfisher
5. Muralidaran
6. Ascension
7. The Reality You Can’t Stop Dreaming
8. The Whistler Shrill
9. Tràigh Bheasdaire

About The Worm Ouroboros:
The band emerged in 2006 in the depths of eastern-european marshlands of Belarus when Sergey Gvozdyukevich and Vladimir Sobolevsky who were inspired by 70’s progressive rock, decided to put forward their musical vision to the public. Through the different line-up changes and performances at festivals, demo-records in 2009 and 2011, The Worm Ouroboros’ style eventually took its shape, having absorbed a lot of influences from the 70’s prog scene, from Genesis to Magma, and as a result the band recorded and produced their first album ‘Of Things That Never Were’ in 2013 on Italian AltrOck/Fading label, which received highly positive feedback. And now, years after, The Worm Ouroboros delivered their second creation ‘Endless Way From You’, released by the Italian label Lizard Records. Music of the band is the diverse blend of styles and moods, from inconsolable lugubriousness to bright tunefulness (though mainly the former), with immutable density of arrangments, with strong zeuhl and canterbury influences. Sound is organ- and guitar-based with a notable use of monotonous whine of flutes and other woodwinds as well as (obviously) the maddening beating of vile drums. By the way, is it lugubriousness, lugubriescence or lugubriosity?


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