The Dalton Correction’s new production is now available: “Stolen From…” an intense EP released in cassette & digital formats by German label Possible Records.

For its second -and awaited- release, The Dalton Correction travels back in time and forward to the future. “Stolen From…” is a 5 tracks EP presented both in cassette and digital formats. The journey starts with the historic reconstruction of one of the hidden gems of Argentine rock: “Pibe” an unreleased track by Pescado Rabioso that Spinetta never recorded properly in studio and only survived in bootleg live recordings. “Rayón” completes the first side with a sonic cocktail containing: squeaky swing, frantic arpeggios, changing harmonies and a futuristic power-coda. The B side brings us back in time with Giles-Giles-Fripp /King Crimson’s revisited classic “I Talk To The Wind”, followed by the feral track that gives name to the album. The cassette ends with an intense live version of one of Pappo’s Blues trademark hits.

Track list:

1. Pibe
2. Rayón
3. I Talk To The Wind
4. Stolen
5. Llegará La Paz


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