Chronolord is a collaboration between Baltimore MD’s Andy Cooke (Dataloaf) and Vancouver BC’s Tim Readman (Fear of Drinking), both Englishmen exiled in North America. Tim wrote the words, made up the vocal melodies and harmonies and sang the vocal parts. Andy wrote the music, played all the instruments, did all the programming and sequencing and took care of recording, engineering and editing duties.

The Cuckoo Gene delivers a speculative fiction narrative concerning an attempt to save the human species from extinction following the collapse of Planet Earth as a viable ecosystem for human survival. This 11-song album of guitar and synth driven Space Rock with a Prog Rock flavour takes the listener on a journey from Earth’s end through to the search for and location of a suitable exo-planet on which surviving humans, and their artificial intelligence-driven technology, can settle. What could possible go wrong? You’ll find out soon enough!

The album was conceived as a result of what could be described as a musical pen-pal relationship and eventually delivered at Tres Gatos studios in Towson, MD in the late summer and early fall of 2019.


1. Annihilation
2. Construction
3. Anticipation
4. Activation
5. Infliction
6. Decision
7. Intervention
8. Contemplation
9. Solution
10. Continuation
11. Creation


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