Octopus Syng
Hollow Ghost/Rochelle Salt

To be released on 29 July

Limited edition blue vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve, CD and Download

Carbon Dust and Latin Romances 1927 / Woman  / Echoes from The Past Centuries
Surrealistic Room / Lady Florette / Melancholy of Delight / Belle and Ville / Unknown Actress  Today’s Portrait / Walking in The Pale Light / Reverberating Garden Number 7

Mega Dodo is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Hollow Ghost/Rochelle Salt, the new album by Octopus Syng.
Octopus Syng was formed in the summer of 1999 by the band’s guitarist and vocalist Jaire Pätäri. Jaire recorded two albums under the Octopus Syng monikor before forming a four-piece band with Joni: guitar and backing vocals, Antti: Bass and Jukka: drums. This line up recorded Reverberating Garden No. 7 in 2014 and spent two years fashioning its follow up.
Hollow Ghost/Rochelle Salt takes many of the themes, sounds and textures that made their previous album so alluring and gives them a subtle twist. A rich, dark and sometimes mystical brew of modern psychedelic sounds, Hollow Ghost/Rochelle Salt is a sensitive and melancholic record that, like its predecessor, draws on the spirits of Syd Barrett and Jim Morrison for inspiration. It is, in parts, dissonant and eerie, and in others whimsical and diaphanous. It’s a luscious experience, a trippin’ musical creature, where each note is a short journey to unimaginable places in our minds. So relax and let yourself drift into an ethereal world of dark imaginings and prepare yourself for a very strange trip!
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