US project LLARKS is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Chris Jeely, and have been an ongoing venture since the mid 1990’s according to the Facebook page of this project. “5×5” dates back to 2015. and was released as part of US label Silber Records ongoing set of 5 minute long 5 track experimental EPs.

Silber Records is home to a number of artists that ventures outside of the common boundaries of conventional music, and in the case of this brief EP by Llarks it’s all about the guitar, and then specifically guitar effects.

Echoing guitar notes and fluctuating reverbs are mainstays of this material, with layered reverbs backed by firmer plucked notes, broken up and twisted sounds, delays and missing note effects as well as more psychedelic oriented plain, layered echoing and nervous guitar notes. Many of which comes across as both well developed and even conclusive: That merely 1 minute long excursions of this nature plays out as creations with a start, development and definite conclusion is slightly impressive in itself.

The 5×5 series of Silber Records holds a high quality for such an experimental series of productions, and Llarks contribution is as good an example of that as anything. One to check out if guitar reverbs and guitar effects of a less dramatic nature is within your sphere of interest.

My rating: 72/100

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