US band PARTIES is a collaboration between composers and musicians P. D. Wilder, Andrew Weathers and Joe Morgan. They record material whenever their paths meet, usually improvisational in nature and focused on drones in style. “Tea Time” dates back to 2015, and was released through US label Silber Records as part of their ongoing 5×5 series of EPs, where the concept is to create a 5 track EP with a 5 minute playtime.

Drones is the mainstay on this production, as might be expected. In most cases here accompanied by shimmering light toned sounds that may or may not be electronic in nature, as well as light toned, echoing guitar notes of a loose or occasionally firmer nature. There are many details in these excursions, three partaking musicians see to that, but ultimately most of these excursions stays too uniform to invoke a greater level of interest for me. The exception is the darker moods and landscapes of opening cut Earl Grey, where the contrasts and details combines into making this specific creation a more enthralling one from my point of view.

Those with a keen interest in mainly guitar based and guitar dominated drones that stays put in landscapes where the alterations are more of a minor character and the performance has an improvisational tinge to it might want to seek this one out.

My rating: 64/100