Russian project MOTOR is the creative vehicle of one Vadim Ougrioumov, and is one of several projects he has ongoing. This one was formed in the late 1990’s, and is described as a minimal techno venture. Many of the releases under this moniker have been issued by Ougrioumov’s own net label Top 40, but some have found their way elsewhere too. “Originals & Edits” is one of these, and this production was released through Macedonian label Post Global Recordings in 2013.

What we have here is an almost 56 minutes long assembly consisting of many and at times rather different sequences of sounds that glide along, seguing nicely from one to the next. A bit less of the play time goes towards music I’d describe as techno myself, and most of them features rhythms as a dampened, distanced element in the arrangements as such. Kind of like listening to a disco playing techno from a few houses away.

In between these passages we are treated to ambient, floating parts, field recordings from nature, field recordings of people speaking, toy music, gentle psychedelic guitar licks and noisescapes. Various noise effects are present to a lesser or greater degree in many of the passages, often but not always in a subtle manner.

The end result here is music of the ambient variety that have something of a trip element to it, music to listen to when tripping and then perhaps when winding down a bit. This isn’t a case of captivating melodies or hypnotic effects, but a journey transporting the listener to a number of different places in a careful, ambient manner, but with subtly unnerving noise effects that gives this experience something of an outer body feel. Like something you observe from a mental distance. If this sounds interesting and you have an hour to spare, give it a spin at some point.

My rating: 60/100


Track list:
Originals & Edits



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