Det Skandaløse Orkester hails from Bergen, Norway!

“Skulle … vært på TV is the first single from the upcoming second album by “Det Skandaløse Orkester”. The title can be translated to “I`d … love to be on TV” and it is a song about a person who sits in his armchair, watching TV all day long, dreaming of being on the screen. But at the same time he is satisfied with his safe and secure life were he can point and laugh in schadenfreude.

The song opens with a cheezy saxophone theme that we dream of will become the jingle for an american sitcom, with “Det Skandaløse Orkester” as the lead character. The track continues, passing through different atmospheres and soundscapes, until it almost ends up in an epic guitar solo.

With this masterpiece we have dedicated ourselves to the rich tradition of trying to become the new Michael Jackson. And therefore we have stolen lots of gold from the previous mentioned Jackson. If you`re really smart you might also notice references to Fjorden Baby!, Spike Jones, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and The original sexy sax man – Tim Cappello.

This release contains a radio version in addition to the complete version that will be on the album. The radio edit zaps past the first calm and boring part, so that the disco dancers wont get totally confused on the dancefloor. And also because we would really love to be on the radio, at least.”

The track has been recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by the amazing superproducer Iver Sandøy, at Duper and Solslottet Studio 2017/2018, and the single will be released on May 18th 2018 by Norwegian label Apollon Records Prog.

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