A new surprising release at Lizard Records is the debut album of PROTOCOLLO C with an instrumental concept, an existential soundtrack, with movie and vintage era connotations. A mix that refers to the psychedelic proto-prog of the late 60s, but with the cool atmospheres of Calibro 35 band.

Ten tracks, from “Adolescenza” to the nine minutes of “Flashback”, with immediate impact in which the Hammond keyboards of Alessandro Aiello is great protagonist, in perfect harmony with the vibrant guitar of Marco Vona, well supported by the rhythm section of Daniele Saglia (drums) and Alessandro Dellarocca (bass).

An album with an exciting psych-prog ritual !!

This concept album is a story where every listener can be the protagonist: The band deliver the soundtrack, the listers are the directors. Each song is a story without words of an existential phase, and winds through sounds that oscillate between rock and the psychedelic. Let yourself be inspired by what you feel: Perhaps you will recognize a little bit of your life.

Track list:
1. Adolescenza
2. Maturità
3. Perdita della routine
4. Premeditazione
5. Metamorfosi degli innocenti
6. Presa di coscienza
7. Fierezza
8. Consapevolezza
9. Goodbye Italia
10. Flashback


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