Frédéric L’Epée is the founder and guitarist of the bands Yang (present time), Philharmonie (90’s) and Shylock (70’s), a new music composer and a solo performer. The Empty Room is his 9th solo album, featuring many musicians from his past and present formations.

Frédéric L’Epée started to compose The Empty Room nine years ago during a painful period of his life and the central song,Treasured Wounds, is directly linked to that time. The album is a tribute to absent people.

Says L’Epée:
“This album has been built from grief to grief and took all that time to be completed. It is now made public with the feeling and the hope that this music can help people who, like me, are experiencing of experienced the loss of someone close.
The Empty Room is about mourning, yes, but it doesn’t make it a sad album. It is more a questioning about loss, about letting go or handling pain, about how grief can turn into a vessel of serenity and peace. Though we all have to face it one day or another, the process is different for each of us.
Only music can carry such deep and subtle feelings. I dedicated my life as a musician to the refinement of my ability to convey as precisely as possible the most intimate perceptions.”

Frédéric claims that The Empty Room should be listened to as a whole and in one go. Which is why he decided to keep it away from I-Tunes and all the streaming platforms.

Track list:

1. Badong
2. Inévitable traversée (unavoidable crossing)
3. Descending the Slow River (en descendant la rivière lente)
4. Amour et dissolution
5. Delta
6. Hymne aux Ancêtres 1
7. Treasured Wounds (blessures précieuses)
8. Mist (brume)
9. Parle-moi encore (keep talking to me)
10. Souvenirs de Traversée (memories of crossing)
11. Hymne aux Ancêtres 2
12. Wegschippernd (Sailing Away – Voguant au Loin)

Frédéric L’Epée: guitars, keyboards, programming, percussion
Laurent James: guitars
Nico Gomez: bass
André Fisichella: drums
Volodia Brice: drums
Olivier Innocenti: bayan (accordion)


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