This Minneapolis-based duo of Andy Schoengrund (vocals, guitars, bass) and Andrew Reesen (drums) are back with their second full-length album, which has been released on vinyl, a medium well suited to their take on Black Metal/Post-Metal/Black ‘n’ Roll. Heavy on the bottom end, and with loads of distorted fuzzed guitars and strident vocals, this is an album which takes Black Metal as its core and then moves into different areas. It is when they are at their most aggressive that the album works best, when they combine the styles in a way which is driving forward and attacking, and it is when they go more for the languid and atmospheric that they seem to lose some of their momentum. It is here that they tend to repeat ideas as opposed to bringing in new ones and where, as a listener, I started to get bored.

But, when they strike out in their best Darkthrone manner they certainly show they have something to offer. Although they brought in James Plotkin (Conan, Electric Wizard etc) to master the album, I presume it was self-produced and this needed someone who was strong in the studio to get them to cut certain sections, and make it more in your face than it already is. Overall this is an interesting album, but certainly not indispensable.

Rating: 6/10


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