UK threesome JACK AND SALLY was formed as late as in 2018, and since their official formation they have been steadily working towards establishing themselves by way of doing live shows and releasing singles. In about one month from the time of writing they will release their debut EP “Who We Become” through UK label Engineer Records.

This trio explore a type of music I don’t really listen to all that much myself, as I’ve never really had a great taste for it on a personal level. Pop punk appears to be the name of the game here, and while not explored in a purebred manner the foundation certainly appears to be well cemented in this landscape.

Hence we get a handful of tight, mainly light toned and energetic affairs to explore here. The lead vocals are dominant when present, with the clear and defined harmonies and emotional delivery that is something of a staple in these environments. The chorus sections are catchy, and the darker toned contrasting intermissions are mainly used in transitional phases and build-ups when present.

A few songs adds a slight touch of a hard rock swagger to the proceedings, and the band applies a more delicate touch here and there as well to expand their palette and add further variation. Sometimes to good effect, at other times perhaps a bit more detrimental. Concluding song ‘Macy’ a case in point for this aspect. A fine song as it is, but cut the vocals and piano opening and this song would have the potential to be a real killer on radio or Spotify playlists – at least in my subjective opinion.

Tight and energetic rock music with a wide potential appeal is what Jack and Sally provides us with on their debut EP “Who We Become”, a production where just about every song can be described as radio friendly and with music that should appeal to regular rock fans as well as those with a more special interest in pop punk oriented productions. Not a production that registers on a higher level for me personally, but I can easily see this one outselling the greater majority of the music that I love and treasure myself. A band and an EP with a strong commercial potential in other words. It will be interesting to see if chance, luck and hard work combines in a manner that enables them to explore this potential.

My rating: 60/100


Track list:
1. Superstar
2. Nevernia
3. Tomorrow’s Revolution
4. Long Way Home
5. Macy



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