“This is quite possibly the last album by Churn Milk Joan. Richard was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in June 2019, so we spent June and July 2019 doing a lot of recording while he was still able to play instruments. And we’ve made a strangely entertaining album. You need to hear it.”

Track list:
1. Just Bloody Lovely
2. Hand Me The Jump Leads
3. The Pony Rider
4. Trading Cards on the Balcony
5. Chicken-Beheading Party
6. Pizza in Space
7. Teatime in Space
8. Spanish Graduation
9. Slag
10. The Second Day of Creation
11. He was the First Person…
12. The Local
13. Hoodie
14. Lucky Tears
15. Friday 13th Part 5
16. I’ve never seen a film without you in it

Richard Knutson: lead vocals, instruments
Colin Robinson: instruments, vocals
Mark Joell: instruments, vocals
Mark Cottrell: vocals, guitar


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