“Kaemos” is the Debut album for James Basdanis ‘Anatolian Trio’. The Greek guitarist is blending sounds from eastern music with western musical genres. Melodies from the Aegean Sea blending with the powerful sound of the electric guitar, drums and bass. A world jazz – progressive rock instrumental full length album.

Track list:
1. Yedi
2. Seclet
3. Nihavent Sirto
4. Funkjiger
5. Chechen Girl (Cecen Kizi)
6. iMprovale
7. Kaemos

James Basdanis – guitars
George Memos – drums
Nick Tangas – bass


“His incredible upcoming debut album fuses Eastern influences with rock guitar and bass, which is surely a progression from the cd’s I used to find on the world music rack at Virgin or Sam Goody back in the day”
(Leila Antakly, medium, Sep.23.2019, NY)

“A strong combination of jazz sophistication, rock intensity, and fusion experiments.
James Basdanis is a recording artist with a focus on creating lush melodies with astonishing textures and great production aesthetics. His music blurs the lines between world, jazz, and rock, and his vision is absolutely one-of-a-kind.”
(thebandcampdiaries, Oct.02.2019, Italy)

“The musician James Basdanis is a true all-rounder, he breathes life into the tracks on Kaemos with a lot of passion and blood.”
(she-wolf, Oct.03.2019, Germany)

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