This five-track EP originally wasn’t supposed to be coming out like this, but as the band explains, “We recorded those five songs in January , when we supposed to record full length album. However, we changed some plans and dates, which delayed the album until December 2019. Since we already had several songs ready, we decided to travel to Hertz Studio again and record an independent release. We added a re-make of the title track from ‘Litany’, which was recorded 20 years ago. The other song is our version of “Steeler” from legendary Judas Priest’s ‘British Steel’ record and is our huge respect for their heritage in metal scene.”

Five songs, just a tad over thirteen minutes in length, by a band who honestly sound as if they are having fun in the studio, especially on “Steeler”. I hadn’t realised just how close to Priest they can sound if they wish, as in many ways this is quite a bit more basic than one would normally expect from them, but they push through it in a very powerful way indeed. Some three years since ‘The Empire’, and still with the same line-up, it is best to treat this EP as an ‘amuse bouche’ for the ears. There is only one thing wrong with it, and that it is just too short! It is fun, it is metallic, it is a band totally at home with their identity and what they wish to deliver. In many ways this release sees Vader far more in the thrash space than death but keeping the death mentality while speeding through the songs. The confidence in this is palpable and is essential for anyone who wants to play their music very loudly indeed.

Rating: 9/10


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