UK band FOUND MISSING? was formed in the spring of 2019, and the foursome appears to have had a fairly quick formative phase as they were ready with their debut EP “Pretend” just a few months later. The EP was self-released, as is fairly customary for new bands to do these days.

It quickly becomes apparent that this is a band that consists of experienced performers, as the band sounds very good and tight for being such a recently formed unit. The rhythm section is good, the bass is given a good and audible placement in the mix, the guitars have a nice and warm sound to them and the vocalist knows his strengths and his weaknesses and perform accordingly.

The type of music here is what one might roughly sort under hard rock. Not all that sophisticated, with prominent guitars and a driving bass keeping the songs going and a subtly raspy lead vocalist that adds a tiny bit of grit. The rhythms are steady, and the main impression is an energetic one.

The band does exist in a post-grunge world of course, and they have taken on some grunge elements to their core hard rock sound as well. Especially the guitar sound, but also using riffs and guitar textures in a manner many fans of grunge bands most likely will recognize. Otherwise I note effective use of start/stop dynamics as well as impact riffs and impact moments throughout.

I did find this EP to be a pleasantly interesting production. Post-grunge hard rock may be an appropriate description, and I rather guess their main audience will be those with a just about equal taste for early 80’s guitar driven hard rock and some of the more mainstream-oriented grunge bands from the 90’s.

My rating: 63/100


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