Started in 2012 as an obscure side project of Kamille Sharapodinov (guitarist of established Russian heavy psych proggers The Grand Astoria), The Legendary Flower Punk quickly became a beast of its own. The band mixes psychedelia, space rock, funky fusion and electronics in a joyful manner like no one else in the scene. Krautrock, Japanoise, and Jazz are also no stranger words in the vocabulary of the band.

The Legendary Flower Punk knows no boundaries. The unique sound of the Russian trio combines pure Psychedelic Rock with classic Prog Rock elements, always varied and exciting.

This year the band is ready with their new album “Wabi Wu”, which will be released through German label Tonzonen Records on February 21st 2020. Preorders are available at

1. Wabi Wu
2. Hexagram
3. Prince Mojito
4. Azulejo
5. Aki Kaurismäki
6. Trance Fusion På Ryska
7. Zen Again


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