Produced and mixed by Gilad Atzmon and recorded by Ben Lamdin at The Fish Factory Studio, London and mastered by Andrew Tulloch at The Blue Studio, ‘Rainbow Over Kolonaki’ follows Talinka’s acclaimed 2017 debut.

Talinka creates a new, distinctive sound that explores the unique and diverse journeys of four British musicians: Jenny Bliss (a baroque virtuoso), Yaron Stavi (one of Europe’s leading bass players) Gilad Atzmon (an internationally acclaimed jazz saxophonist with an affinity for ethnic sounds) and his wife Tali, whose singing has been paired with her theatrical career.

The music serves as a haunting bridge connecting deep moody jazz standards with a new form of World Music. In the process it touches many bases, with its wide-ranging and evocative arrangements, while Tali’s perceptive and intelligent lyrics enhance the compositions.

The outcome is a natural breathing, deep and spacious sonic adventure that transcends musical boundaries. The unusual choice of instruments and combination of personalities creates an amalgam that results in an authentic continuum between ethnic, jazz, folk, tango, Early Music, past, present, East and West.

In their second album, ‘Rainbow Over Kolonaki’, Talinka remains faithful to its aesthetic principle. They adhere to beauty and simplicity while searching for the true melodic meaning of being in the world.

Track list:

1. Rainbow Over Kolonaki
2. If I Should Lose You
3. She Moved Through The Fair
4. I am a Fool To Want You
5. Greensleeves
6. Perdita
7. Times Runs Out
8. Scarborough Fair
9. When Apollo Smiles
10. I’ll be seeing You


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