Right after the release of the latest The Spacelords album Spaceflowers, Germany’s cosmic rock trio is back with the enchanting music video for the title track Spaceflowers!

The new music video is beatiful, so calm , so powerful yet melodic. Nature… colors… rock. Enjoy the trip with The Spacelords:

Watch an listen to the video for Spaceflowers at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KocAwuTXP6s

With the new album the band is wrapping up the trilogy of three-song full-lengths with Spaceflowers: Three extra-long tracks show the joy of playing and the dynamic intensity of the three Space Lords in every second of the flight with the space glider. Spaceflowers is truly an outstanding album!

The band is live on stage across UK and Germany:
14.03.2020 Beatfabrik Heidelberg (D)
21.03.2020 Jazzkeller, Hofheim (D)
27.03.2020 King Arthur, Glastonbury (GB)
28.03.2020 O2-Academy, Sheffield (GB)
29.03.2020 O2-Shepperds Bush Empire, London (GB)
24.04.2020 Franz K, Reutlingen (D)
23.05.2020 Sputnikhalle Münster (D)
18.07.2020 EastFilly Fest 2020 Filderstadt (D)
11.09.2020 Kulturfabrik, Krefeld (D)

1. Cosmic Trip
2. Frau Kuhnkes Kosmos
3. Spaceflowers



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