A project that blends jazz with 70s progressive music, passing through latin sounds, electronic music and the typical sound of big bands. This is how “Fusion Rebirth” presents itself, the first disc of the Ozone Park quartet, released by the Emme Record Label. The formation consists of four talented Sardinian musicians such as Giuseppe Chironi (piano, E-bass, Clavi, Organs, Rhodes, Synyhetizers), Alessandro Masala (Drums), Davide Nicola Buzzo (Saxophone & EWI), Gianluca Cossu (Congas, Timbales, Vibraphone). The disc is presented as a fusion of styles, between energetic bass grooves and drums, fiery suns and dynamic phrasing that blend the harmony of jazz with the power of rock and the dynamics of progressive music. A journey backwards, therefore, towards still current sounds and towards a genre that thanks to this quartet of multi-instrumentalists acquires new lifeblood. It is no coincidence that the band was born in 2016 during a trip to New York, right inside the Ozone Park, a location located near the Big Apple and far from the most popular tourist destinations. After a grueling weekend characterized by long studies in an important jazz seminar, the quartet, during a break, improvised the first melodies.

From this meeting was born the first composition of the disc “Bocius”, through which the four musicians met for the first time. The immediate result was an eight-track disc where we find Fusion Rebirth, a title track characterized by an incandescent groove, organ virtuosity and an interplay that gives ample emphasis to collective work. Kimberly Dreams, on the other hand, is a composition with a dreamlike character initially characterized by a minimal melody that later changes to the language of bossa nova and finally in an energetic improvisation typical of rock language. “Niño de Cuba”, begins with a rhythmic funk jazz, approaches Cuban music and then explodes also in progressive. “Blue Glass”, on the other hand, is a track that thanks to the sax and the piano approaches black music, the sound of the American big bands, and then also returns to the progressive rock territory with a powerful improvisation.

In summary “Fusion Rebirth” is a disc full of ideas, characterized by a fusion soul in which different languages ​​and different ways of understanding music come together. An unpredictable context, where a piano or saxophone solo can precede the entrance of an incandescent groove or a fiery rhythm. And this is precisely the way in which the Ozone Park have fun breaking the mold by creating new ones with inventiveness, passion and lots of enthusiasm.(Jazzitalia)

Watch Ozone Park playing live at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M33WhMf0Prc

Track list:
Fusion Rebirth
Kimberly Dreams
78 Game
El Niño de Cuba
Last Train To Sausalito
Blue Glass
Winter Drops

Giuseppe Chironi (piano, E-bass, Clavi, Organs, Rhodes, Synyhetizers)
Alessandro Masala (Drums)
Davide Nicola Buzzo (Saxophone & EWI)
Gianluca Cossu (Congas, Timbales, Vibraphone)


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