Heavy psychedelic and stoner rock worshiping instrumental trio Pyrior is out with a premiere of the full new album Fusion via renowned channel 666MrDoom!

Listen to the album at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5Yhbfpo1OA

The biography of Pyrior started during the year 2008 as a musician’s community dedicated to jam-sessions. These jam-sessions resulted in the formation of a classic rock trio based in Berlin, Germany.

After the EP Pulsar (2009) and the debut album Oceanus Procellarum (2010) the band released two albums Onestone (2014) and Portal (2016).

With Portal the band completed its own epic trilogy. The sound moved from space rock to post rock, from heavy to psychedelic, from major to minor, and everything in between…

The new album Fusion, out via Tonzonen Records on March 20, 2020 stands for an exciting instrumental trip through different soundscapes in which the listener can get lost. The German trio is on a quest to cross their musical boundaries. Fusion pulls you into another world, a place that feels both new yet familiar.

On the fourth studio album Fusion the main theme is indeed fusion. The album is intended to make the musical influence of every band member audible, and to fuse different song structures and different sounds into a coherent whole. Therefore the music of Pyrior is an overall experience and a collective statement.

1. Guanine
2. Hellevator
3. Adenine
4. Splicer
5. X
7. Norfair
8. Fusion
9. Cytosine



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