(2020) Germany

Spheric Music ‎– SMCD 2041

60 mins



Rating 90/100

There are some awesome musical passages and arrangements associated with this album, an album far removed from today’s normally metal drenched progressive projects or other associated rock and pop music releases. This is an album drenched in EDM rhythms (Electronic Dance Music rhythms).  Or in other more technical adept words, ‘music constructed from multiple sequences of repeating loops moulded together to form a (normally lengthy) symphonic musical presentation’ It is exactly the same procedure utilised in the composition of genres such as techno, house, trance, and the ‘breakbeat-driven’ genres such as jungle, drum ‘n’ bass, breaks etc. Such music of course normally outside the realms of interest of our readers/listeners.

But at this point there is a need to clarify that whilst the process is identical to music for the more energetic house dance scene, the music here on “C’est Magique” is completely different in style, texture and deployment. The music is very ambient, laid back and wonderfully calming. It is a beautifully crafted and in total a positive ‘New World Music’ experience. In fact, it is a complete and comprehensive musical journey, a kind of symbiosis between the various mental states of your mind as you allow the music to take over full control of your thoughts and mental being. It is a totally absorbing and very rewarding experience from start to finish. Music that conjures up multitudes of different visions, images and which enforce a complete sense of calm tranquillity as you become transfixed throughout the eight tracks. The entire journey is, to a certain degree, like a magical trip along some enchanted stream a backwater setting with ever-changing soundscapes and opulent percussive patterns and complex hypnotic rhythms emanating from all angles as the journey gracefully continues on its way. It could, at a stretch, be utilised as background music but, for sure, it is the type of music of which to continually return. Especially at those moments when you might yourself need a little spiritual boost. A great addition to any and every music collection.

Elements of Tangerine Dream and Mike Oldfield can be found within.

To try and explain the make-up of the music from a technical angle would be a worthless exercise. This is simply because Robert Schroeder has, on his web, site put together some extremely detailed notes about both the format and musical arrangements,