Foetal Juice have been a mainstay of the British death scene since coming together in 2005, but although the core quartet have been stable since inception the band has recently been through significant change with the departure of both Sam Read (vocals) and Ben Read (bass, vocals) since 2016’s ‘Masters of Absurdity’. So, into the camp have come Derek Carley (Burial, Wolfbastard) on vocals and Lewis Bridges (Ond) on bass, joining Rob Harris (drums) and Ryan Whittaker (guitars). Although Foetal Juice have released numerous splits and EPs over the years, this is only the second album which is somewhat surprising as if their older material is like this I would have expected to hear more.

What we have here is old school, mixing American and Swedish influences to create something which is determined to hit hard between the ears and leave a lasting impression. Whittaker is incredibly melodic, and it is his playing which stands out above the rest, as he can really mix it up but is not afraid to go up the neck when the time is right. This is uncompromising music, owing as much to Master as it does to Entombed (I remember seeing them open for Machine Head 23 years ago, great night). There is a bounce and vibrancy to the music, with Carley showing he has a few different death styles at his disposal which also provides some change within the album as a whole. It’s tight, it’s fun, and while it may not be breaking any new ground it is still something which is worth discovering for fans of the genre.

Rating: 7/10


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