Fully re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered, this 2020 edition of PERSEFONE’S debut album ‘Truth Inside the Shades’ came about after the band revisited this, the starting point of their career, during its 15th anniversary year in 2019!

To celebrate the occasion and this fully updated version of the album, Persefone are releasing a Limited Edition 10” white/black splatter 2LP (only 300 worldwide), in gatefold packaging featuring stunning revised artwork from guitarist Filipe Baldaia. This double vinyl package also includes an A3 poster and even a special thank you in the artwork to all the bands Patreon members included by name. (Details below on how you can get your name included!)

Set to be released to the public on October 2, ‘Truth Inside The Shades’ Limited Edition Vinyl and merch packages are available for pre-sale now exclusively via Patreon, along with new songs from the album being released via Patreon every week this month, starting with the first song up now!

Plus, in addition to a number of changes to their re-vamped Patreon page, as a special sign up bonus for the month of September, Persefone are offering a FREE digital download of ‘Truth Inside the Shades 2020’ (via Bandcamp) to all $10+ members of their Patreon as of the end of September.

Pre-Sale available now at https://www.patreon.com/persefoneband

Simply follow the instructions below:
1. Head to: https://www.patreon.com/persefoneband
2. Sign up as a member for as little as $2+ per month by Friday, SEPTEMBER 18!
3. Join in the Pre-sale via Patreon and buy a copy of the Limited Edition vinyl with your name on it (and add a T-shirt in as well if you feel like it).
Optional Bonus Steps:
4. Feel wonderful about yourself knowing that you’re supporting a band you love in these very trying times for musicians.
5. Go blast some Persefone on your favourite listening device!

Statement From The Band:
“About a year and a half ago we knew that the 15th anniversary of Truth Inside the Shades was coming up and we felt we wanted to do something different. Back in the day we were happy with the sound we got for that album, but in hindsight it was far from the business standards on that time. So we decided to re-record the entire album again and see what we could come up with when checking back in on the songs again.

Throughout the process we slowly took our time to figure out once more how the songs were played (!) and what changes we would like to make. It was funny to see ourselves facing those solos, those riffs, those vocal lines, after so many years. It was also amazing listening to Marc singing the songs that Carlos sang back in the day! We got Brett Caldas on board to mix the album, and Filipe came up with a renewed and amazing revision of the cover and artwork. In the end we are really happy with the result and can’t wait for you guys to listen to it!

We also wish to send a huge thank you to all our Patreon members and all those choosing to sign up this month as part of our special ‘Truth’ launch offers. In a difficult time for bands, your support means the world to us and makes a huge difference in our ability to continue into 2021 and beyond!”

Sign Up To PATREON at https://www.patreon.com/persefoneband


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