I have known the music of guitarist Fernando Perdomo for quite some time, and still rate ‘The Crimson Guitar’ very highly indeed alongside the likes of ‘Zebra Crossing’, but I must be honest and say I never expected to hear him involved with an album quite like this. Of course, he is also a well-known session guitarist on the LA scene, and I presume it is in that setting he has become involved with Sandy McKnight. Sandy is a veteran of the scene, with more than 40 years’ experience as a bassist, singer and producer, and here they have joined together (I am guessing with a band but there are no details of who else is involved) and created an EP packed with Costello-style power pop which have more than a nod to Jeremy Morris.

This is lightweight bubble-gum pop, which is really pleasant and fun, nothing more and certainly nothing less. It makes the listener smile while it is on, and for those of us of a certain age it takes us back in time, as there is certainly nothing modern about this whatsoever (on his site McKnight says it is available on 8-track, but I must confess to not seeing it listed in that format, but who knows?). Fun and light on the ears and mind, it is solid without ever becoming essential.

Rating: 6/10


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