Don’t let the pink cover fool you, have a closer look at the woman and you will see she has a goat’s skull covering her face, which makes one realise that what is inside may not be all sweetness and light, especially when looks harder and she appears to be inside a pentagram. The two-man band of Forrrthen (guitars) and The Horrid (vocals, bass, drum programming) are mixing together black metal with thrash and grind, creating one heck of a racket and I am unable to work out if they are serious or taking the mickey out of anyone who is listening to this, and I am starting to think it is more the latter than the former. There is no doubt it is brutal, but it is also ragged and a little all over the place and elements get thrown in almost as if there is a tick a box exercise (“we need more atmosphere here”) as opposed to a holistic exercise in musical expression.

When in doubt as to what to say, always have a good look at the press release, which states “Raucous and rancid, drenched in bitter blood and armed with a numberless collection of rusted, serrated blades – this is the sound of violent punk attitude, suffocating black horror, gothic darkness, mechanistic filth and the savagery of the most vicious outliers of thrash.” Hmm, rancid – yep I get that, and there is definitely a punk attitude, but it does not feel as if they are actually living this and instead it is all just an act. This just does not feel genuine, and while it may not exactly be grind by numbers, it is not too far away.

Rating: 5/10


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