“Kanohi ki te Kanohi” can be translated as “face to face, or in person”, and is the third single from Emily as she builds up to the release of the upcoming EP, ‘Auaha’. It is similar in many respects to the last single, “Arise”, as musically it is soft jazz combined with RnB, some dub, some folk, and always with her wonderful vocals front and centre. This is not a style of music I generally listen to, but there is something about her wonderful vocals which I find entrancing and compelling. I first came across Emily when she was performing with her husband Charles in Aro, one of the most exciting, fresh and invigorating duos I have come across in recent years, but whereas that is acoustic, here the music is all electronic.

The similarities are the multi-tracking of her wonderful voice, combined with the use of Te Reo (this song has lyrics in both Te Reo and English). There is something about her voice that captivates me, combined with the melody and accompaniment, which leads me to enjoy a style of music I would not normally be interested in whatsoever. It is modern, way too modern for my rather jaded tastes, but her voice keeps me interested and I have found myself playing this on repeat. We are blessed with some wonderful performers in Aotearoa, and Emily is undoubtedly one of those. One to discover.

Rating: 8/10