Mals Records MALS393 CD 57.58Mins

Kuwait City

Progressive Rock

Rating 75/100

Amazingly enough, this is an album of progressive music entirely written, produced, played, sung and recorded by Bader Nana a Kuwait City-based Lebanese musician. There are some guest musicians drafted in for some of the solo spots but these are few and far between.  Without a doubt, Bader Nana is a very gifted musician and fine songwriter but of course, there are distinct vulnerabilities in taking on the majority of the instrumental and vocal responsibilities which are of course those where one’s experience and technique is slightly lacking and although it is very difficult to criticize such talent there are in my opinion two particular areas on this album which I would certainly comment upon. a) The vocals, although not too bad, are generally without passion and  in need of improvement or better still drafting in a good professional vocalist and b) The percussion seems lacking, mostly flat and lifeless. But apart from these two points the keyboards and guitars are handled with much flair and dexterity. The creative quality of the music over the ten tracks is quite outstanding with many resultant passages of light and shade and moments of superb musicianship and this is coupled with beautifully constructed melodic pathways linking the various sections together. Bader certainly handles the keyboard side of things brilliantly and I would imagine that this is the area of his main expertise although he is pretty useful too with the guitar. Certainly, on successive plays, you discover plenty of other little flurries of instrumental intervention such as choral effects, synthesizer loops, cello like fills  and deeply resonant guitar riffs and I particularly liked, in some of the sections, where a chirpy kind of keyboard sound was employed.

Summary: A fairly absorbing very melodic and well-constructed album of progressive rock style music in which the main interest centres firmly around the very good instrumental parts rather than the not so interesting vocal aspects.

Artwork: An adequate but quite plain booklet with track details and other information.

All instruments, vocals, lyrics and artwork by Bader Nana mixed and mastered in Kuwait City.

Synth Solo on “The Plague” by Hess dergham.

Percussion on “The Earth” by Ramzi & Ziad Ramman.

Guitar Solo on “The Answers” by Ramzi Ramman.  

 Tracks Listing

  1. Wormwood

2 .     Rose

3       Quarantine
4.      Journey

  1. Earth 1348
    6.      The   Plague
  2. All Fall Down
  3. The Answers
  4. Desperate Measures
  5. Destroyer Of Worlds