This album is an interesting take on classic Cole Porter numbers, performed by a Japanese bassist currently living in New York and an Israeli singer currently residing in San Francisco. I must confess this is the first time I have come across this particular style of musical duo, and this album demonstrates the positive and negatives of working in this environment. Obviously both people involved need to be absolute masters of their craft, as there is no room for error, with the bassist having to provide all accompaniments while the singer has to constantly be in perfect pitch as often there is no real support for what she is doing, with the bass providing a different structure to a piano, for example. That they can make such an interesting and enjoyable album shows just how much skill each performer has.

Ogawa also has an interesting approach to harmonics, and the way he is getting additional notes and sounds out of his bass while performing a certain line, and the only person I can think to really compare him to is Steve Harris from Iron Maiden who has made that element a focal point for his playing over the last 40+ years. Levy has a great voice, seemingly not phased at all in working in this environment, probably as it actually provides her with a large amount of freedom to do what she likes. This normally works, but there are a few times when she ends on a note which does not sound quite right, and others where her and Ogawa are working so independently of each other that they never really mesh. I am sure this comes across in a far more positive manner when they are in a live environment, but even as it stands this is an immensely enjoyable and very different take on some old classics.

Rating: 7/10