This is a side project from multi-instrumentalist Griffin, who provides guitar, bass, keyboards, and programmed drums, and he has been joined by his Sound Chaser colleagues Kelly Kereliuk (guitar) and Victoria Yeh (electric violin). This is a very different release indeed to ‘Visions From The Present’, as here the trio work through a far more mellow outing altogether. At times modern classical, others lounge style jazz, and definitely chill, this has a far more relaxing approach. This album is far more self-indulgent, with Art providing the vast majority of the music himself, bringing in the others as needed, but it feels far less like a band album and much more that of a multi-instrumentalist. To my ears it is probably “Venus Variation No.1” which is the highlight, with Art setting up synth patterns and additional keyboards, then allowing Victoria to come in over the top, very Jean Michel Jarre in style.

The songs often have a repeated underlying nature, in keeping with the title, and there are times when the gentle approach from Art can be quite at odds with what is being provided by Kelly and Victoria, but somehow it all blends into something that is relaxing and enjoyable. Languid, it is music which allows the listener to drift away, with songs such as “Jovian Riverdance” being quite Santana in approach with some luscious guitar lines from Kelly and a gorgeous solo from Victoria. I generally prefer my music to be more dynamic and less repetitive, but there is something quietly compelling about this, and it is certainly worthy of further investigation by those looking for something not quite as direct as many.

Rating: 7/10