Fruits de Mer is well-chuffed to announce the release of a new album by Hanford Flyover, on sale in mid-June. Hanford Flyover are Holly, originally from Louisville Kentucky, and Josh, from Staffordshire; their musical influences include The Doors, The Beta Band, Air and nods to many of the great 70’s bands.

Fruits de Mer found Holly and Josh when we were putting together a compilation of 60s psych covers – their version of the much-neglected Neon Pearl’s ‘Just Another Day’ became one of the stand-out tracks on our 4CD set ‘A Band For All Seasons’, as well as appearing alongside Chad & Jeremy and Schizo Fun Addict on a 7” EP taster for it, called ‘Sunny Spells’.

Onto the Hanford Tape sessions…during the lockdown, Josh rebuilt four old cassette porta-studios and with the help of Holly began recording on them, which, through the limitations of tape recording required keeping things to the raw musical essence.

Why release the album on CD, after all, Fruits de Mer is mainly a vinyl label? Well, It was a choice between forming a seven-month-long queue to get an LP pressed – yes that’s how long it can take to get a new release produced these days – or crack on with making the music available before the lockdown ends – or another one starts. I’m n where near as sniffy about CDs as some – partly because I’ve got a few thousand of them in my collection, partly because I can actually get them produced to a sensible schedule, and partly because I’ve come up with a silly idea for housing the Hanford Flyover CDs – an LP sleeve. (oh, and there will be a very few individually lathe-cut 12″s for a lucky very few)

Here’s a taster on youtube – and there are two mp3s attached to this email, along with a press release and a couple of photos.