CD-Progressive Gears -Finland -45:26 Mins

Rating 85/100

“Burntfield” are a young Finnish band who, despite the overwhelming success of, well!  just so many of their home-based fellow rock band contemporaries’, decided to set up their career based in Amsterdam, Holland. One presumes that they or their manager had carried out such thorough research necessary to ensure that this was the most sensible decision in terms of future remuneration and fan base popularity. Nothing to do with me of course but it seems a slightly strange move.

With respect to the music and right from the off, this is indeed a romantically persuasive album absolutely saturated to the brim with gentle and well-rehearsed silky smooth vocal arrangements that are in turn served up within a plethora of equally sedate beautifully assembled guitar and keyboard accompaniments. Quite amazingly one could, at times,  be tricked into thinking that you were assembled before a full-strength male choir. Especially considering the extensive multitudes of three-part harmonies, that wash over you. Music saturated with harmonic delights so rich and stylish that is best described as a being akin to a spiritual  ‘soul-like delivery. Most impressive are the extensive range of intricate melody lines, which are a subtle combination of gorgeous instrumental and wonderful vocal lines integral to the musical arrangements.  Certainly, from this aspect,  the entire album is a beautifully interlaced resultant project which is filled to the brim with luscious textures of voice and subtle instrumental interplay. Such lovely combinations thus, in the bargain, creating a whirlwind of different emotions and which ultimately conjure up a whole range of different atmospheric images in your brain as you swathe and immerse yourself within the full flow of the music.

This is definitely not, in any respect, an aggressive rock album although there are some exciting moments when the pace of the music takes off with much gusto. Generally, the interest lies in the solid subtle progression of melodic charm and the way that it integrates within the framework of the music. The thing is that the more you listen to this album the more you become deeply enchanted and enraptured by the majesty and splendour of the whole affair and in fact realizing that listening to this album can be achieved on two levels. Firstly and superficially as a set of nicely constructed romantic stylized tunes and then secondly with much more of a (headphone) concentrated intensity amassing the various elemental combinations of voice and instrumental brilliance to conclude that this indeed is a special album which would grace any serious music collection.

Summary: A collection of beautifully arranged songs with nice vocal harmonies and excellent musicianship throughout.

Artwork: Hard to comment here as promo was unaccompanied. Cover photo, therefore, retrieved from the internet. Track information printed directly onto CD.

Line Up:

Juho Myllyla (vocals/guitar), Valtteri Seppanen (guitar/vocals)

Maarten Vos (bass)  Steven Favier (drums).

Plus guest appearances by keyboardist Arttu Vauhkonen (Arion), string quintet ANSoS and kantele artist Aurora Visa.