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Blues/Rock  CD48:41 7YFB8yKt7wcTg

Rating 80/100

Even though Dog Rocket has been around for many years they have, until fairly recently, been a kind of part-time band with other professional responsibilities taking precedence ahead of regular performing duties. This is the opportunity now for them to share their energetic sparkling bluesy output that is saturated with amusing witty vocal lines for a much wider audience.

There is something really special about music at the roots level, seeing bands in small clubs, pubs, outdoor festivals, private parties and the like. So picking up and listening to ‘ this DogRocket Blues Band’s debut album ‘Rusty Train’ was not only a real joy but it transported me back to those sunny weekends at the many ‘Blues and Roots Festivals’ to be found all over the UK. OK, I know that these guys are from Roanoke, VA, but no difference the feel and happiness created by the music is exactly the same. Wonderfully sharp, poignant and entertaining lyrics set into to exquisite keyboard-led blues with magnificent support guitar, bass and percussion. The whole affair is beautifully crafted with well-worked musical arrangements, slightly irregular (in parts) but certainly cool vocal contributions with melodic harmonic accompaniments. The cleverly interspersed ‘Steely Dan’ inflexions sprinkled around the tracks too are delightfully organised and add a certain panache to the proceedings. Above all the interchange between the strident flowing organ and adroitness of the sharp lead guitar is extremely entertaining. Of course, much credit also goes to the flexible, varying and shuffling drumming with excellent bass contributions throughout.

Summary: Rapturous sounding bluesy arrangements from an exquisite assembly of seasoned veteran musicians. Musicians playing for the sheer joy of it all and in the bargain providing wonderful entertainment for a wide range of different music fans, especially in a live situation. I would certainly love to be in the crowd at one of their gigs. Maybe one day?


Band Line Up:

Bill Kesel – Lead Singer/Keyboards

Joe Custer – Bass

Mike Jacobs – Guitar

David Matherly – Drums

CD Track Listing:

  1. My Big Woman
  2. Only Man
  3. Press On
  4. Rusty Train
  5. Psalm Blue
  6. What is a Man
  7. Right Thing
  8. Magic Kingdom
  9. In My Heart
  10. Bitter Town Blues