That’s Entertainment Records January 2020. 32Mins

Rating 80/100

If you fancy being transported back to what the psychedelic sixties epitomised in terms of catchy, driving, fuzz induced melodic music that was both exciting and saturated in fun? Then Norwegian garage rockers Bitthammer!, absolutely capture that period so perfectly with their spooky organ-led retro psychedelic rock and roll. Their album Minimum Style Maximum Effort’ is brilliant in every respect comprising eight dynamic songs, all of which are full of fun, noisy chord progressions with dynamic drumming and seemingly spontaneous incursions of treated psychedelic guitar. Even though the framework of their songs might, in a sense, sound a little bit familiar (especially the suggestive Garden of Sweden track) they capture the spirit of that by-gone age perfectly.

Undeniably the engine room, driving the garage styled music forward, is the power-packed drumming. The essence of the actual sound though rests both with the well-crafted spooky organ and the distinctly psychedelic guitar that fills out the sound creating warmth, interest and the subtle garage cacophony of those times gone by.

The point of focal concentration is the extraordinary vocal delivery of much-travelled and in-demand front-man ‘Knut Schreiner’. A complete class act adding much style and panache to the proceedings.

Summary:  A joyful album indeed is ‘Minimum Style Maximum Effort’ and in which we are well and truly transported back to the psychedelic garage band sixties. What a great band to see live I would suspect. The album was actually recorded 2018 /19. Very little information seems to be available on the internet, for example, check out the name Bitthammer! You end up with a tool supplier site, it may be me but try it out. If any criticism can be levied it would be the paltry 32mins timing, absolutely poor in this day and age

Track Listing

  1. That’s Entertainment  1:16
  2. Why! 03:08
  3. Can’t Get Enough 03:03
  4. Turning My Back (On The World For You) 3:29
  5. Ain’t Gonna Leave 03:09
  6. Make You Mine (Turd Floor Blues)
  7. Pushin’ Too Hard 03:13
  8. The Garden Of Sweden 03:34