Here we have the latest release from The Hidden Flame a collaboration between singer Marianne Holland and multi-instrumentalist Martin Eve (4th Eden), which is 35 minutes long and contains 6 tracks. Musically this is an interesting mix, and while Martin is best known for his soundscapes and Vangelis-style work, there are times when they also bring tempos and styles which have far more in common with dance than his normal more relaxed manner. I am not sure if this release is just the two of them or if there are guests, but if the drums have been solely programmed by Martin he has done an incredible job as while they are obviously electronic they certainly sound as if they have been delivered by a drummer.

Marianne has a wonderful clear voice with loads of range and emotion, and the confidence to sing lower in the register and also to hold notes at length, while of course reaching up into the higher reaches. The arrangements have been very cleverly put together, as instruments such as drums and guitar are not used throughout, but only when it is the right time to change the dynamics. The Hidden Flame is not a band I have seen much writing about, as they have been flying beneath even the underground radar, while their mix of dance, singer songwriter and progressive may be just too much for some. Me? I think it is a wonderful balance, as the music perfectly accentuates the incredible vocals, which in turn provides the music with the right platform to shine. Available on Bandcamp for the bargain price of £5 GBP I suggest you search them out and let them brighten your day.

Rating: 7/10