Here we have a song which every parent can totally relate to, as it is Leigh’s song to her 4-month-old son, although it took 4 years to come up with the final version. She sings about the changes taking place and how much she loves him, and it reminded me of sitting just looking at one of my daughters when she was about that age thinking my heart would break and I would do anything for her. Now she is a mum herself, but that memory is still incredibly strong. In many ways it is very personal, and we almost feel like we are intruding on something special, but it is something all parents have felt and know. The smile we get is so incredibly special – I walked into my daughter’s house the other day and even though my grandson was ill his reaction when he saw me was something to cherish, and that is what this song is about.

This is a relaxed number, and the gentle accompaniment is just right for Leigh’s clear vocals, who reminds somewhat of Australian Maryen Cairns. Gentle, reflective, and beautiful, the guitars add just enough breadth to really support the vocals which are delicate, restrained, and full of love for that tiny infant. One cannot help but empathise, as this is simply beautiful.

Rating: 8/10