In Between is the third single from the upcoming 2023 EP Guns Of Dialogue, but is the first time I have personally come across Jaqualyn Taimana Williams. As with her debut album she has been working with producer Tim Sneddon and Chris Chetland, and when I read that I was somewhat confused as the way this song starts there is no way that it sounds as if Chris has been involved as I have huge admiration for what comes out of Kog Studio. This caused me to listen again with slightly different ears as the introduction and first verse is just slightly off, but then I realised this is deliberate as the vocals soon change and come more to the fore while the twee background is quite deliberate and alters dramatically in the chorus when the guitars come in.

Jaqi’s vocals are clear and clean, and although there can be a mass of distorted and fuzzed guitars beneath, she still provides clarity and cutthrough over the top while never having to change the stress and attack. The different styles within the song certainly encourages one to pay close attention to what is going on, while lyrically it is about the struggle of “belonging” culturally for people who feel like they live in more than culture. There are obvious nods to PJ Harvey in terms of style, yet underneath the picked guitar and gentle keyboards there are patterns which have more in connection with the more electronic stylings of Portishead but combined with a sense of vulnerability. One of the more poignant moments comes at the end of the track when it is just her accompanied by acoustic guitar, ending with her singing a capella. Very powerful indeed.

Rating: 6/10