Here we have the latest single from the self-confessed “worse band in Auckland”, {Late To Chelsea}. There is only one small thing wrong with the comment, they’re not (either late, or the worst). Late To Chelsea are one of those bands who just have fun on the stage, with the audience somewhat along for the ride. They are a punk band who are determined to enjoy themselves, and although they are all young, they have been playing together for some years and are incredibly tight. Here they bring in rap to add to the fun, and although this is somewhat unusual within their mix, it does also show off just how tight they are. It all starts at the back with Jack McKenzie keeping it solid, while the twin guitar approach of Jack Horsnell and Dave Hulbert are locked in, but what makes this song for me is the way bassist Sam Ashton mostly stays up in the high register, throwing in some nuances and chords as he plays alongside the guitars.

Dave sings lead on this one (both guitarists provide that role in the band) and provides the rap, but that approach is never to be taken too seriously, until one realises just how good this is, with some nice hooks and great playing. The band they remind me of is Bowling For Soup, another band who only seem to mess about onstage, yet all know what they are doing with all their material loads of fun. This may not be truly indicative of all their material, but is solid throughout and a great introduction to the boys.

Rating: 7/10