I have been fortunate enough to see Jazmine Mary play twice, and if one wonders what their musical style is like then it would not be too far into left field to say combine the artists I have seen them open for, namely French For Rabbits and Reb Fountain. They capture the dream state of both, taking the influences of Reb even further into folk noir territory with a melancholy and style all their own. This is the second single from the forthcoming album Dog and given the success they had with their debut I am sure there are many who will be very much looking forward to it. It is nearly five minutes in length, which gives plenty of time for Jazmine, Peter Ruddell, Dave Khan and Courtney Rodgers to slowly burn their way into our brains.

The use of space and reverb within the arrangement is essential in the way it brings it all together as Jazmine shares their story of delusional romanticism, described as a dishonest taste of small-town Australia, which is where Mary grew up. The acoustic guitar combines with their vocals to provide the structure, while in the background there are different drum patterns, plaintive violin, keyboards which come in and out, so we feel this is a song which is a breathing, living being. Delicately powerful, simple yet dramatic, with vocals switching between falsetto and alto, this creates a world all its own.

Rating: 10/10