One issue with choosing a name like this is that it can be pretty hard to find out information, but having tracked down their Facebook account I am pretty sure this band is no longer in existence, which is a real shame as this 2015 album is a load of fun. These guys have taken metalcore as a base and then thrown in pop punk, melodies and a load of fun to create something which is incredibly infectious, and there is no doubt that “Caught In The Middle” is a blaster from beginning to end as it mixes in hardcore, Bring Me The Horizon, and a hook which is insane. Signed to Nuclear Blast, all I can find in their catalogue is this album and an EP, which is a real shame as these guys have real promised and deserve far more than one album which most people will never have heard.

The riffs are nice and chunky, the vocals switch between gruff and melodic, and although the current scene is quite crowded with this style of music, these are a cut above many, and one wonders what happened to them. They are incredibly tight, and they easily move from one banger to another, with pop sensibilities combining with the punky edge, hardcore bite, and straight on metallic grooves. I don’t think this album is available on Bandcamp, but it is possible to stream it on Amazon Music and anyone into this style will find much on here to enjoy.

Rating: 7/10