The Bergen-based band Knekklectric have finally come up with six tracks for their new album, ready for release in June 2017. The album was recorded in the summer of 2015 in Ocean Sounds Recordings off the coast of Ålesund, with Iver Sandhøy as producer. While their debut showed off their harsher side, with long build-ups and explosive peaks, the band has softened somewhat on their second release. Here the songs are more concise, but retain their creatively structured songwriting, complex instrumentals and engrossing melodies. Knekklectric has a sound uniquely distinct from everything else in Bergen. On For mange melodia (too many melodies) is bubbling with creativity, where the attentive listener will discover subtle details, musical finesse and, as usual: quirky and original texts sung in clear Ålesund-dialect.

After three years of waiting, Knekklectric are ready to release their much-anticipated second album. Without a doubt a «one of a kind» band, delivering their music in a genuine western Norwegian Ålesund-dialect! The first single, Stolpekontroll, was released in June 2016, and features lyrics contemplating a feeling of inadequacy in life. The release is available in LP, CD and digital formats.

The album will be released by Tik Records/Apollon Records on June 2nd 2017.

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