Norwegian prog rock crew Ungdomskulen have led a long and storied career, changing their band name more than once and releasing a handful of well-received records since the early 2000s. Now they are back with their fourth full length album ” Gold Rush”.

But before that: Losing My Mind is the second single taken from this upcoming new album. Listen to it HERE

Gold Rush is beautiful beast of a rock album, curious, diverse and catchy. Yet again the Norwegian band are challenging the concept of what a power trio can sound like, and man they are doing so with great bravour.

The album starts off sounding like a Blaxploitation soundtrack, with a lonely guitar with a wah-wah effect delivering some dramatic musical backdrop
the music builds slowly until the band comes in with full force on the driving and vibrant rock-juggernaut “In It 2 Win It”.

There´s a cinematic undertone that lingers through-out the whole album and the album have many musical layers.

The lyrics are poetic, witty and original, like on “Police Woman” that´s about a man worrying about his girlfriend while she is on patrol, paranoia and insanity in “Losing my mind” and the Thelma and Louise- inspired track “Lovers on the run”.

When the album ends with the dramatic and lonely “big city”- saxophone (played by Kjetil Møster) on the last track Cassandra, it feels like the band have gone full circle. And what an adventure it´s been.

“Gold Rush” is set to be released through Norwegian label Apollon Records on March 2nd 2018.

Track list:
In It 2 Win It
Touch Down
Losing My Mind
Police Woman
Lovers on the Run
Persisk Teppe
Bad Girl

Kristian Stockhaus – guitar, vocal
Frode Kvinge Flatland – bass/baritone guitar
Øyvind Solheim – percussion, drums

Cry Baby(2007)
Bisexual (2009)
Gimme Ten EP (2011)
Secrecy (2012)
Gold Rush (2018)

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