Chilean prog-rock band Aisles have just released a new video of their series filmed at Chile’s Estudio del Sur. The song is ‘Still Alive’’, from their last album “Hawaii”, released in 2016, and it was directed by Bernardo Quesney, renowned for his work with Chilean rock and pop artists like Gepe and Javiera Mena.

Watch the video here:

Says Aisles guitarist, German Vergara, “’Still Alive’ is one of the most representative songs, and maybe the saddest, on our latest album “Hawaii”. Capturing that feeling of hopelessness was a challenge both for the band and for the director of the video, Bernardo Quesney. Sonically, it is different from the album version because it is much less processed. What you hear is Aisles organic live sound, just like you’d hear it at one of our concerts. Even the tempo of the song changed as a result of that search”.

The “Live from Estudio del Sur” sessions started with the video for the song ‘Clouds Motion’, and it will continue with more videos coming soon.

Session videos so far:
Still Alive (Live from Estudio del Sur):
Shallow and Daft (Live from Estudio del Sur):
Clouds Motion (Live from Estudio del Sur):

Aisles are currently working on their new album, and they just finished the promotion cycle of “Hawaii”, their most successful album to date. “Hawaii” has been highly acclaimed by Chile’s most important radio station (Futuro), South America’s largest rock magazine (Rockaxis) and by international media outlets such as Prog (UK), Neoprog (France) and All About the Rock (UK). With “Hawaii” Aisles went on their first US tour, with appearances in Progstock (New Jersey) and Progtoberfest (Chicago), and their first Mexican tour, playing Fest Prog Jazz in Mexico City. In 2016, the band visited Europe for the second time in their career, with dates in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and England. In Chile, the band opened the first night of the Marillion Weekend in May, and was the opening act for Focus in September.

With four studio albums and a career spanning twelve years, Aisles have become South America’s most acclaimed prog act of the decade. Their daring combination of rock, fusion, jazz and world music illustrates the band’s uniquely eclectic approach. The group has played in South America, Europe and Mexico, and their albums have been published in Europe, the Americas and Japan.

Their debut album, “The Yearning” was released in August 2005. Four years later, their second record, ‘In Sudden Walks’, was nominated for Best Foreign Record in the Italian Prog Awards, and the group was invited to open the 11th Progressive Rock festival Crescendo in France. Their third release, ‘4.45 AM’ (2013) was widely acclaimed in the world and was chosen among the best albums of the year in a number of specialized publications. ‘Hawaii’ (July, 2016), their fourth recording and first double CD, was called a “masterpiece” and named one of the albums of the year by media outlets such as Prog (England), Neoprog (France), Raw Ramp (England) and Chile’s premiere rock magazine, Rockaxis.

Aisles are:
Germán Vergara: guitar, vocals
Felipe Candia: drums, percussion
Sebastián Vergara: lead vocals
Rodrigo Sepúlveda: guitar, vocals
Daniel Concha: bass
Juan Pablo Gaete: keyboards

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