“Confessio” is the first single by Jussi Petäjä, a post/prog-rock song , which builds from lush synth/piano washes to trance-like repetition of odd-signature rhythms with vocals struggling to get heard from under electric soundscapes and -washes.

The lyrics of the song are partly written using an aleatoric technique. That is to say their organization is random to some extent, yet there is a definite theme: oppression and manipulation of individual thought by religious, political or any cult-like movement.

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The forthcoming solo album titled “40950” contains innovatively arranged melodic music. The songs range from folk-music tinged acoustic melodies to progressive time signatures and from ambient soundscapes to electric cacophonies reminiscent of kraut/noise rock. Petäjä has written, played, recorded and produced this music mostly himself, save for couple performances from guest musicians.

“This project has been around a few years, most of the music got written around 2014, when I was working on a lengthier grant from Finnish Cultural Foundation. Then it sort of hit a wall for a while as I wanted to do more band stuff for a change, but in 2017 I found the spark again. Some of these songs have made quite a long journeys to end up as they are now, but I am quite pleased with the end result. I think I have succeeded in making music, that sounds like me but not overtly like the music I have written for other projects over the years.”
– Jussi Petäjä

“40950” is set for a tentative September/October 2018 release.

Jussi Petäjä is a musician known for his many projects in the Finland’s indie/marginal/folk music scene such as Prusikoukku, Captain Cougar and White Jackets. He has been writing and releasing music actively throughout the last decade or so and now steps forward with his debut solo album.

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