Australian foursome HI SPEED LIFE has a history that dates back to 2010, and already the following year the band was ready with their debut EP “Fake It”. Since then the band have mainly been active on the live scene, although they have dropped a couple of non-album tracks over the years as well. As a preparation for the launch of their forthcoming debut album they have decided to have a small promotional go with their initial EP this year.

Hi Speed Life as of 2011 doesn’t strike me as a high impact band. They are clever and competent for sure, but they don’t really have anything to offer that I think have the staying power that will launch this band into a greater circle of name recognition. Well made hard rock is pretty much what I get from this band from this by now fairly old EP.

This is a band that know their classic era hard rock and they also know and are keenly aware on how to use distortions, especially on the opening cut and title track ‘Fake It. They also seem to be well aware of the poppier side of grunge, as a few elements of that has a tendency to seep into most of their material. They know how to create a compelling, sing-along kind of chorus section too, and will often flirt with some indie rock tendencies here and there as well.

The four tracks here are all entertaining, without any weak spots as such, but this isn’t material that makes me head-bang or that draws me into the music in any strong manner either. Good, competent music, presumably making more of an impact live than on album, but that’s about it for me.

Just about all bands will have a certain audience segment that will treasure what they do to a much higher degree than your average music fan, and as far as Hi Speed Life is concerned my impression is that those who have lots of indie rock in their music collections as well as albums by the more accessible, mainstream-oriented parts of the bands described as grunge should be something of an ideal crowd for this band.

My rating: 60/100


Track list:
1. Fake It
2. Take Me Down
3. Rangatang
4. Breathe Now



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